Are you aware that aro marketing is now offering mobile apps? Find out how you can get one for free! August 27, 2013

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Looking for better engagement with social media? aro marketing is now supporting the development of affordable apps – find out how you can get one for free!

There are numerous platforms out there now including tablets and smart phones of all sizes and shapes. How do you engage with your customers on a more direct basis with these tools? Is there a way to stay in front of people without all of the issues of mobile web? How do you use a simple mobile app for your business?

It starts by understanding the basics of the mobile market and why the major marketers around the globe are gravitating to mobile. Read this article, then call aro for a simple, cost effective customized mobile app. I will be working with them to build it. With the variety of app tools online, it has become relatively simple and affordable for even the smallest business to have one.

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