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aro recognizes that the foundation of any good marketing campaign or effort is solid research. Much valuable time and money can be wasted on creating messages without first determining who the target audience is, what they value, and what message will catch their attention and prompt them to take the action you desire.

There are many means and methods of conducting research, and it is important to select the one that best suits your own needs and budget. aro offers a full range of marketing services to meet all of the marketing needs of our clients. We conduct small to mid-sized research projects in-house and outsource and manage the execution of large-scale projects to select trusted partners.

Marketing research can loosely be divided into two broad categories: quantitative research and qualitative research. Quantitative research provides hard information such as demographics and statistics. Mail and phone surveys are typical examples of quantitative research methods. Qualitative research yields soft information such as psychographics, values, and attitudinal patterns. The focus group is a classic form of qualitative research.

aro specializes in a unique research product that we call “SnapShot Research”. It is a 40-hour project that provides a snapshot look at the challenges and opportunities within a specific market. SnapShot Research gets to a lot of information quickly–we can usually turn the whole project over in a week. We make phone calls, research the topic on the Internet, pick the brains of our contacts, sort through media coverage, and whatever else the project demands. The findings of our research are presented and summarized in a bound, 70-125 page report that will help you position yourself for success when delving into a new market or making a sales pitch in unfamiliar territory.

An aro Marketing PlanSnapShot Research is not a comprehensive method and does not provide the same confidence levels of quantitative research. Instead, it offers a foundation for moving forward. It can provide validation for new concept companies and divisions or reveal potential challenges in proposed market niches. It can provide quick answers to your questions, or allow you to react quickly to new circumstances in an existing marketplace.

We have used this tool with great success for over 50 clients, including, Bluffs of Wilson Creek, New South Stories, Pearl Software,, and Creating a Productive Environment.

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