Michael Thayer


Michael Thayer. Currently serving as Manager, High Volume TP Solutions at IBM Corp., Mr. Thayer brings extensive knowledge and experience in large scale organizational change, supply chain management, e-Business transformation, and information systems to the leadership of aro.

Mr. Thayer’s consulting clients include Fortune 500 manufacturers and distribution providers for engagements ranging from merger integration to business process redesign to electronic commerce and IT strategy.

Prior to joining IBM in 1995, Thayer held positions in various senior consulting roles with General Electric, Big 6 Consulting, and Scientific Systems Services, a logistics consulting firm based in Melbourne, Florida.

Mr. Thayer’s role is business development for the market space that addresses the emerging extreme transaction segments of e-Commerce.

As a graduate of the University of Kentucky and with an MBA from the Executive Program at Baldwin Wallace, Mr. Thayer has been a frequent speaker at industry forums.

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