“Americas Favorite Organizer” Barbara Hemphill Selects Charlotte’s aro To Lead Major Marketing Effort

February – Charlotte, NC. Barbara Hemphill, dubbed “America’s Favorite Organizer,” has selected a Charlotte marketing firm to assist her in developing and implementing marketing initiatives to take advantage of the rapidly expanding “organization” market. It is a market she herself is largely responsible for creating.

A pioneer in the field of professional organizing, Barbara started her business in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper. Today she is CEO of Hemphill Productivity Institute (HPI), based in Raleigh, NC. A popular author and speaker, Hemphill is perhaps best known for the Paper Tiger organizational software — a filing system “guaranteed to find anything in your office in five seconds or less.” This successful concept has spawned numerous books, including Taming the Paper Tiger at Home, Taming the Paper Tiger at Work, as well as Simplify Your Workday, published by Reader’s Digest for the Simpler Life series. In addition, HPI has trained a national team of more than 190 Paper Tiger Authorized Consultants™ (PTAC).

“Every home and workplace is in a continual state of evolving,” comments Hemphill who chose aro to team with her to invigorate her business efforts for a new generation of determined, enthusiastic professional organizers. “We are repositioning for dynamic change and dynamic results.”

President of aro, Chuck Robbins says his firm’s marketing approach will involve the development of personal marketing materials for current PTACs, as well an aggressive plan for introducing potential consultants to the benefits of a home business designed around the Paper Tiger concept and products.

The campaign will kick off in March with a series of live and web-based appearances by Hemphill designed to re-engage long-time fans and inspire newcomers with Hemphill’s dynamic home and business organization strategies.

The first in the series is a Hemphill webinar for businesses, scheduled for March 12, entitled “Organizing Your Business in 2008 for Profitability, Productivity, and Peace of Mind.” In addition to these “live” events, Robbins says his firm will also re-design the HPI website to appeal to Hemphill’s increasingly younger, more technologically savvy audience.

“What Hemphill has accomplished to date is nothing short of phenomenal,” comments Robbins. “The task before us is to create and present PTACs with a powerful strategy and effective auxiliary materials for building successful home businesses. Essentially we are equipping these professionals to pursue their passion of helping people achieve their goals by overcoming chaos at home and in the workplace.”

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