Independent Film “Bobby Jones-Stroke of Genius” is Scheduled for DVD Release Nationwide

Rick Eldridge, President and CEO of the Film Foundry had worked on numerous major television and sports broadcasts. He has even enjoyed critical and financial success with an animated TV series. His first feature length movie was different than any of his previous creative projects.

“Though we used many talented folks from Hollywood and around the world, this project was initiated right here in Charlotte, NC. And even with the excellent team we assembled, it was still the most challenging thing I have ever done,” said Eldridge.bobbyJonesDVD_Large

The Independent Film “Bobby Jones-Stroke of Genius” featured an excellent management team, cast and crew. With Kim Dawson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as Producer and Rowdy Harrington (Roadhouse, I Witness) writing the script and directing, there was excellent experience at the helm.

An astounding cast was assembled for this one of a kind project. With only a modest $18 million-dollar budget, the film boasts Jim Caviezel (Jesus in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ) who plays the adult Bobby Jones, and co-stars Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black, The Rock) who portrays Bobby Jones’ wife. Jeremy Northam (Gosford Park, Amistad) is the infamous golfer Walter Hagen and Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange) plays Atlanta Journal writer O.B. Keeler who followed and wrote about much of Jones’ career.

Many of the crew came directly from filming Mystic River with Cinematographer Tom Stern and they produced some absolutely magnificent footage at some of the world’s best golf courses. Academy Award-winning composer James Horner (Titanic, A Beautiful Mind) created a moving soundtrack.

The movie, which won a Heartland Film Festival “Truly Moving Pictures” award last month, combines an inspirational life story with the backdrop of Golf.

Just prior to the theatrical run last April, Eldridge, Dawson and other key movie execs created the Bobby Jones Film Foundation and raised over a million dollars in charity by offering pre-release versions of the movie for fund raising events.

The DVD/videotape release of the film is scheduled for November 30, 2004. Sony’s Columbia Tri-Star division is handling the distribution.

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