Ingenium Reboots as aro, Lands Film Foundry Projects

Chuck Robbins, owner of Ingenium Marketing Services and Consulting took a year away from his company to serve as InfoVision’s Marketing Director. InfoVision is one of Charlotte’s leading Microsoft Business Solutions providers and a past Ingenium client. He worked on the development of TechExpo 2003 (InfoVision’s primary event which doubled in size last year) as well as a significant branding project for the firm. When that agreement concluded at the end of 2003, Robbins felt that the Ingenium brand was too focused on the technology market and decided to reopen his company as aro. That decision has already led to new and interesting client opportunities.

“I love technology clients and aro will continue to serve that industry, but there are many other industries with which I have successful case histories, including retail, human capital, financial services, auto racing, broadcast production, and real estate”, said Robbins.

aro has Latin roots and the word means to plough or to till. Robbins explained the concept this way: “There is so much blocking and tackling that goes into great marketing and I wanted a name that reflected the work ethic that we put toward every project and every customer. “You cannot plant new ideas until you have thoroughly plowed and tilled the soil of the marketplace. We spend a great deal of time researching customers and their markets, identifying challenges and opportunities before we go to work with plans and tactical executions.”

Since 2002, Robbins has been working with Built-Rite Builders in Matthews, together with their exclusive representative, Jonathan Roberts, to assist in marketing strategy and builder-realtor events. In addition, he has also created a relationship with artist illustrator Ted Burn of Atlanta. Burn is an artist, well-recognized for his work which is shown all over the US. To this point, Burn has perhaps been known best for his outstanding accomplishments at some of the leading ad agencies around the country and is now making the transition from creative director to fine artist. Robbins is planning a Charlotte Show for Burn in the near future.

aro’s latest client acquisition is the Film Foundry operated by industry veteran Rick Eldridge. Eldridge owns several Charlotte based businesses, including: The Film Foundry, a broadcast production company; and Glueworks, an independent film group which is producing Stroke of Genius, a feature film about the life of golf legend Bobby Jones to be released at the end of April, 2004 (Eldridge is Executive Producer). Eldridge is also involved in numerous other creative projects ranging from animated television programs to original music.

aro has been retained to manage some regional public relations efforts for both the film Stroke of Genius and The Film Foundry, as well as some national public relations for The Film Foundry in the broadcast industry trade. The Film Foundry has recently acquired new office space at the old IXL location at 1930 Camden Road in Charlotte’s South End and is in the process of moving the studio there from their previous Morehead location. The move will add 4,000 square feet for a total of 16,000 square feet — and entail an upfit cost of over three million dollars.

Robbins clients have included: American Express, Joe Gibbs Racing, Downs Group, InfoVision,, Peak 10 and others. Web sites with additional information include:

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