Local, Charlotte, NC. Getting organized is big business in America’s 24/7 culture

Creating A Productive EnvironmentSeptember 20, 2007 – Charlotte, NC. Getting organized is big business in America’s 24/7 culture. Consider the household in which both parents work; one parent maintains a home office; then there are the children – each with their own set of interests and schedules. “Creating a Productive Environment,” a leading regional organizing firm, has decided to bring in some marketing expertise to help tell their story to those that can benefit from their services. Business owners Richard and Jan Martin have hired aro solutions of Charlotte to head up the first phase of a long-range marketing strategy, scheduled for launchin the next 30 days.

“Clearly, now is the time for us to broaden the base of our business by reaching more of our target clients,” comments founder Jan Martin. Martin, now a certified productivity trainer, started the company in Monroe, North Carolina in 2004. Conservative estimates reveal a disorganized employee or home manager can waste 150 hours a year simply trying to locate misplaced files and paperwork. Bank executive and Creating a Productive Environment client Marty Rasmussen will attest to this statement.Rasmussen hired Jan and her team after becoming a single father.

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