Public Relations

One of the most misunderstood and overused marketing tools is public relations. aro has been very effective with Public Relations for these reasons:

  • We never send a release that does not have a planned follow-up to targeted editors.
  • We follow-up extensively with phone calls, email or other communication to the targeted editors.
  • We continually develop relationships with key publishers, editors and writers.
  • We maintain editor and editorial databases for each of our clients who use public relations.
  • We merchandise the digital or manual distribution of our releases to client’s employees, stockholders and their clients.
  • We try not to take advantage of editor relationships for news that is not noteworthy.
  • We always try to give editors an angle that is interesting but may not be obvious in the releases.
  • We merchandise any significant public relations success.

Public Relations done correctly is very time consuming. A good program, well developed and maintained can take 20 or more hours a month and must be maintained for several months. Sometimes the effects of the most aggressive campaign will not be completely visible for months. Find out more about aro’s Power News Blasts here!

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