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aro has developed the powerful Quick2Brand digital marketing program which provides incredibly rapid results by combining a premium press release and social media to amplify the results – usually in under 48 hours. Typically, the client that needs this service is a client who has decided to pull the trigger on a new business or division or react to a market change. They have a trade show, or event, pending and have a short fixed time period in which to gain traction. aro can provide the Quick2Brand remedy for Corporate Image, Public Relations, Web, and other basic brand executions. See Pricing In addition, the advent of social media has provided powerful, fast, new tools which augment our traditional approach. “Buzz” can be generated instantly to gain real results overnight especially with the Power News Blast. It turns your news into an SEO machine. Your content is quickly located by search engines and news sites and increases your online visibility.  We use keywords, pictures, and video to get more people reading and writing about your business.

Step One: Use a Power News Blast from Vocus/Cision

Anyone can do a press release. The system we use is not the same button that most people use for their PR distribution. (see pricing here)We have honed this delivery system over several years and we know how to target audiences and manage keyword effectiveness in order to get the maximum results. Every release works differently depending on the content, and timing, but, as you can tell from the broad cross section of clients results shown below, they all work when aro manages the process! A press release is a tactic not a strategy. They do create quite an impact for my customers at a very low investment. The fastest way to start is to call me today. But if you need more info check out the following:

  • The Power-PR Package from aro has been used very effectively by most of our customers. It creates broad media touches. We have received as many as 20 media requests on a single release and we had over 400 links of our release to news sites.
  • Typically we “own the search engine results” in the first 48 hours of distribution. Releases stay on search for years but do not dominate like the first few days. (I still receive email and phone calls from an “Ultimate Gift” release created in 2007.)
  • Great for merchandising good news to employees, sponsors or board of directors.
  • Excellent for edging out competitors.
  • 1.2 million plus database of editors, journalists bloggers, producers. Every important media contact in the United States is included.
  • Powerful Analytics back up everything that we do.
  • Quick response. Under normal circumstances, we can put one of these together in 2-3 days.
  • Targeting by DMA and Industry.
  • Your URL live at the bottom of the release (Scroll down the release to see the live URL.)


Step 2: Social Media Implementation

By following the Power News Blast with our Social Media implementation and utilizing the extensive Vocus database of reporters, journalists, producers, and bloggers, we can amplify the response to every release significantly.



An amazing milestone for aro client Magneceutical Health: Our Quick2Brand Newsblast to support “Halos for Heroes” has over 160,000 views of the announcement, 3652 Full Page reads, over 1000 web sessions and 40% funded in just over a week of promotion https://www.indiegogo.com/projec…/halos-for-heroes/x/9384178 Please visit the release:

http://www.prweb.com/releases/HalosforHeroes/01/prweb12445838.htm and donate to the campaign.

Here’s some other results by client:

September 15, 2017 – Recent Quick2Brand Power Newsblasts

May 31, 2013 – Hot LA Independent Studio RG Recordings Signs Popular California Rapper Jesse J. First Video Release of “Beast Within” Due out June 3rd, 2013

tweet-this-link  Click here to read the full story »
  • Weekend release
  • Has received 49,454 Headline Impressions
  • 1468 Full Page reads
  • 7,993 Media deliveries
  • 139 Back Links

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