aro Dances with the Stars at Metropolitan Ballroom

The Metropolitan BallroomJim and Monette Manly have been friends for many years. When they approached us back in August 2010 to create a new website, we were very excited. Metropolitan is a world class facility right in the heart of Charlotte.

When they mentioned their showcases for their students, I assumed it would be good. I did not know that it would be fabulous. I have seen two showcases now and each one was excellent for entirely different reasons. The quality of instruction, the instructors themselves and the facility make for a unique dance experience. You can take instruction or just watch others dancing while having a sip of wine.

We were working very hard on the web site and became more and more interested in the activities of the “Ballroom”.

They did a performance for the Latin Festival in South Charlotte. We were there as Clement and Tanya along with several other instructors created some wonderful Latin dances. Then later, we watched as Clement and Tanya once again wooed audiences this time for the Charlotte Symphony and the Mint Museum.

In October 2012, Metropolitan hired aro again to provide Social Media, Web, and Public Relations support for a series of wonderful events we are calling 4 on the floor.  “We are excited to be working with the Ballroom again,” said Robbins.

Ask Chuck Robbins about the photo and video shoot for the front page of the Metropolitan web site. It was incredible work featuring photographer Christopher Reccord, our Webmaster Dan Simeone and videographer Paul Stack. The entire session was set-up and delivered all in one day. Check out their site to see the final product.

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