Charlotte Author Rich London Contracts aro for Marketing of His new book, A Hand Book for Life

Rich London Contracts with aro Marketing

September 2, 2009, Charlotte, NC. Rich London is an accomplished business man and entrepreneur. He has developed a thriving real estate investment business, started several computer companies and has also worked in Law Enforcement. Rich has practiced and taught martial arts for over 24 years. He has his pilot’s license with a Commercial Instrument rating and as a Major in the US Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol), he has flown extensively in the NC Search and Rescue programs.

Though interesting, these facts only partially represent his life. What makes Rich different is the fact that he has overcome many significant health issues along the way.

Born with a heart condition he managed to have a fairly normal childhood. At age 19 he was in a serious motorcycle accident that put him in and out of hospitals for ten months. He has had a total of nine operations as a result of this accident. In 2003 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is now a five year cancer survivor. Two years after his cancer surgery he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but he has never let any of this interfere with his drive, ambition and relationships. Rich truly feels that everyone can direct their own happiness and success.

As London says, “Life is a test. It is a test of perseverance, a test of faith and a test of will. I’VE DECIDED TO PASS THE TEST.”

London lives the concepts he teaches. Using the philosophy of the A Handbook for Life™ series he has developed a successful business and family life. He is happily married to his wife of 23 years and has two children in college. Incorporating the concepts of his seminars has also enabled him to enjoy several very fulfilling avocations. But most importantly, he cherishes his relationships with everyone he comes in contact with.

“Rich, is one of the most pleasant and level people I have ever come across” said aro president Chuck Robbins. “He is a good friend and a neighbor and for a year came over and drug me out of bed to go to the YMCA at 6:30 in the morning. I remember that I was always grumpy and disoriented and he was ready to go. He has proven to me that he is always ready to give a hand whether for a charity or a family issue and does it without complaining”.

When London consulted with aro regarding the new book, Robbins felt that it was an excellent read. The next steps come with a Preview event September 21, 2009. This is an invitation only event that will serve as an introduction to the author and some of his concepts. It will also serve as preliminary research for the final manuscript. aro will then provide marketing support and public relations for the book release scheduled for late Fall ’09.

What others are saying already:

“Many of us often feel uncomfortable, stressed, or unauthentic as we move through life. The topics in A Handbook for Life are a way to rediscover key life lessons and to heal, thus realizing a more fulfilling and happy life”.
Dr. Gerald Fishman, N.Y. State Licensed Psychologist

“It’s so important in life to follow your passion and to know your reason for achieving a goal. The points in A Handbook for Life will help you find your “Why” and overcome the obstacles to reaching your true destiny”.
Coach Vincent Williams, author of How Do I Reach My True Destiny?

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