Living in Prime Time can be Living in Tough Times

The Story
Last May my small business began working on an event geared to those of us in, or approaching the second half of life. Titled “Living In Prime Time” we did not know that as we closed in on the crucial window for registration, we would be thrust in the center of one of the worst financial meltdowns this country has seen since the 30’s.

The event has terrific content. Dr. Kevin Soden is our lunch keynote. He is a former medical correspondent with NBC and is presenting “Laughing Your Way to a Better You” then following that program with the perfect workshop for this past month ” Less Stress in Life’s Transitions”. In addition to these timely topics, there are 11 other workshops and presentations and two sit down meals all for the low cost of $99 for the day, $59 for the half day.

The concept of this event was born out of my own experience. A few years ago I paid a visit to my mother in Tennessee. It became clear right away that something was wrong. Many of her bills were unpaid (not because she did not have the money), her homeowners association was about to take her house and she had lost 35 lbs because she could not remember to eat! We learned quickly that she was in early stage Alzheimer’s and was going to require help for the rest of her life. This challenge added to the fact that we were currently putting two of our sons through college, caring for one other older relative and trying to run a small business really put pressure on my family.

When the smoke cleared, on the immediate issues, I decide to run up the flag on being prepared for whatever life throws at you in your fifties (and beyond) thus our planned event for October 17, 2008. Baby Boomers think that they are still 10 feet tall and bulletproof but it does not take much to throw you into a tailspin if you are not thinking about what could happen in the future. My Mom was a tough ole goose and none of my family gave a moment of thought to a time when she would not be self-sufficient.

NBC has called my age group the “Sandwich Generation” (sandwiched between parenting children and caring for older adults). There are numerous articles at my web site on this unique stage of life as well as further information on how to register for our event. I know that you will be entertained, inspired and educated. Join me if you can and find out from the experts how to make the 2nd half of life your best yet. Take a day off from the tough times it will be time well invested.

Advice for Others
Get ready for changes in the 2nd half of Life. Having estate information, insurance info, and a proper power of attorney for those that you love and may have to take care of is crucial. Learn about this and much more at “Living in Prime Time”.

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