Practice What you Preach

When I became involved with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Classmates and Youtube, I really was not sure how the social media might help my business. In the last several months of working with these new tools I have become more and more convinced of their power especially now when the economy and time does not allow for more traditional networking.

A few years ago I reconnected with a classmate (we have actually known each other since grade school). On a phone call with him not long ago I discovered that he was working in the Charlotte area with a a company that served the automotive industry. We met and had dinner. We later had dinner with the President of his company and not long after that first meeting his company engaged with aro on two assignments.

More recently this past Tuesday I met with Twitter friend Dean Holmes (See his blog) . He is a social media expert and data guru with Vertis. The two of us “practice what we preach”: We met on Twitter, talked on phone then met in person in Huntersville, NC. I have already learned a great deal from Dean as he has invested significantly in the various social media tools and has a wonderful consultancy dedicated to that practice. My Goal is to bring him to Charlotte for a CEO only event. This is just a couple of examples of the Networking I have been able to do regionally and nationally.

I have also met another large firm through some communication on LinkedIn and aro drove over 100,000 views to a simple press release for one of my smaller clients (in one week) by using many of these same tools. Further they are probably the smallest dollar investment I make with the largest return!

So if you are unclear about the opportunity talk with us about this amazing efficient new tool. It starts with a basic conversation that I am happy to discuss with you. I am happy to send you to other experts like Dean or whatever it takes to get your company headed in this direction. Follow me on Twitter or Dean at I have learned more on Twitter in the last few months than from all of my professional development reading in the last quarter.

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  1. I am new to blogging and pubilc networking sites myself. I joined LinkedIn a short while ago and have just begun building my contacts.

    I have several business projects in the works and am excited about taking advantage of every marketing tool available, especially if it is free. I say free, but I am definitely willing to pay for marketing expertise to guide me through this new arena.

    I am looking forward to ARO’s guidance.

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